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Love Stage Episode 8: he couldn’t do anything. He didn’t have anything. No family, no money, no hope. He had nothing.

And it was that sense of utter self-loathing that had him where he was now–flat on his back in an alley. He couldn’t muster up the strength to care anymore and felt everything just fade far away into the background. The world would just keep slipping away…and maybe he could die like this. Was this all his mother had left him? A life of assured solitude and distance from others?

And that was when it happened.


texting shouyou, smiling to himself quietly

I decided I do not need excuses to draw kenma in a straw hat.


do you ever mishear lyrics and when you learn what they’re really saying you’re like wow my version is 900% better


throws all my twitter shit on here

Im so fucked up over ATLA right now

Makoto worrying about Haru



i get this feeling that the only one who cares about what haru really wants is makoto

Oh man, I don’t usually jump in with my opinions because fandoms scare me, but I do want to this time.

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After seeing Haruka’s dream, all those puppets in it, I started thinking that he’s afraid of becoming a puppet himself. Having no dreams or goals, just following what other’s tell him to do. ‘get scouted’, ‘go Olympics’ and so on. And it terrifies him, a puppet is the exact opposite of being free. 




So I was just talking with buttsuoka-rin and she mentioned how with all the pressure, and all the heavy thoughts in his head, the water, the main thing Haru finds solace in, almost seems to be attacking and holding him back from finding answers about his bright and shining future in this scene……..

He uses the water as a form of escape, but this time there’s no escape.

I absolutely loved all of the ‘shining’ imagery, and how this time it was Haru being almost blinded by it. Rin is drawn to it, strives for it, and Haru, when faced with the same thing—when faced with himself—shies away from it.

Lord I felt for this boy today. So bad. And I don’t even know who’s best suited to help him anymore.

S1 EP 12 & S2 EP 09
Do you not understand that what you do out there is going to impact your future?

Swim now and show us. Show us your  f r e e s t y l e !



Reminder that Rin was probably so upset because not only is Haru blowing off his future, but he’s blowing off a future with Rin. By not finishing the race, he blew off the chance to swim with Rin in the finals, and he might have blown off the chance to swim with him in university, and Haru didn’t even realize what he was saying.



And then, he turned around and said he swims for his friends. Rin must not feel like one of those friends anymore. 


Natalie Dormer and Katie McGrath do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)


MirSan family (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 


do u ever just try to like hold everything in because you don’t wanna burden people with your problems and don’t want them to feel sorry for you but at the same time when no one can see that you’re depressed you just wanna yell to the world that you’re upset