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make me chooseoutlawqeen asked captain swan or outlaw queen ?

blue, a color of trust, loyalty, and understanding.


i like how the range of emma showing affection towards hook is i’m five and going to steal your hook, and i’m gonna hardcore make out with you. there is no in between


On a scale of Emma swan to Zelena how well did you handle being given up and sent to another realm?

true love couples + first kiss

"This is your chance at love and happiness. Go get him.”

Calling It: A OUAT Theory


One of the things that struck me most about Bleeding Through is Eva. It’s not that she’s some bratty princess who tattles on Cora (who, btw, is not a victim. She was going to lie to a guy about fathering a baby and steal and she didn’t get away with it, that’s hardly a tragic story) but that she then proceeds to try and cheer Leopold up by promising him that he will one day have a pure child. That is some fucked up, weird thing to say right there. A pure child.

Then I got to thinking. Who’s the patron fairy of Eva’s family? Wanna say it with me? The Fucking Blue Fairy. Eva has been promised since her birth to Leopold. So far that’s the only time we’ve seen a betrothal of that kind. Makes me wonder if it wasn’t a suggestion from the Blue Fairy herself.

Moreover Eva seems dead-set on marrying Leopold even before they meet. Days after they meet she’s adoringly promising him some pure child, looking at him like he’s the sun and stars? Leopold might be the guy you choose once you get to know him but he’s no looker and not really into marrying Eva either, though Eva seems 100% in love already. What happened to her growing up to make her think it’s her destiny to marry Prince Baldy?

I’m calling it right not that this is part of the ultimate master plan of the Blue Fairy to create a pure child that would give birth to a child of True Love who would then give birth to the Truest Believer, all part of some plan that has to do with magic (saving it or something).

“Regina, I’ve seen what life has thrown at you. And you still fight against the darkness every single day. Sooner or later, your heart will find its way to happiness.”

“That doesn’t feel possible.”

“But it is! I know you. And you feel things deeply, with or without it, you feel with your whole soul. Don’t let anything hold you back.”

We can never know our past completely.

Emma Swan trying to cheer Killian Jones up. OUAT 3x18


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