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Devour this.”
"….Now, it’s my turn.


"Wake up! Little Prince!" ♥

"The Baskerville is a group of murderers with terrible powers.
So how is it possible?
That this girl can laugh and smile just like we can?

-- I ' M  S O R R Y  L I L Y."

pandoracaps 15 days challenge:
Favorite male character – Vincent Nightray


you know what me and my sister realized

is that

Hide probably blames himself for everything that happened to Kaneki

because he was the one to push him to ask rize out

When you lose something you can't replace.

Daily Poem #1 by Nick A West

stop all the clocks - w.h. auden


"We vowed together that we'd make it back alive."


Nicest Thing Kate Nash • Lies (Acoustic Version) Marina & the Diamonds • Here With Me Dido •  Torn Natalia Imbruglia • Be Mine (Ballad Version) Robyn • Maybe Kelly Clarkson • I Can’t Make You Love Me Bon Iver • Goodbye My Lover James Blunt



crying as i draw dumb comics